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After-school Performance Monitoring Software
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A unique evaluation tool to measure progress made by your after school program against grant objectives
Afterschool Evaluation Software
The EZEval software is a web-based performance monitoring tool that helps you track progress made by your after school program towards goals and objectives. The EZEval software is not a standalone system. It draws on the multitude of data stored in the EZReports (After-school Program Management System) software to track progress made by each of your sites against your goals and objectives.

The EZEval software has several performance indicator categories for measuring progress. The performance indicator categories include Classroom Performance (grades), Student Achievement (test scores), Student Behavior in day school, Teacher Perception at day school, Attendance in afterschool program, Afterschool program content and staff. Each grant objective can be linked to one or more performance indicator categories. Each performance indicator category has several indicators for measuring performance by various classifications. The EZEval software provides you individual reports to measure progress, define prfor each indicator and classification. You are able to set a benchmark, choose one or more of these reports to measure progress, and define the frequency for each report. Each report has two components; a graph and a table with data. The EZEval software can import all the grant objectives that you have defined in the EZReports software and you can create additional objectives. During the initial setup, you will link each objective to one or more performance indicator category and select one or more indicators. Once this setup is done, the EZEval software will generate the reports based on the defined frequency.
  Percentage of "Regular Attendees" in After-school Program
  After-school Management & Reporting Software
  After-school Management & Reporting Software
The EZReports Software

The EZReports software is a powerful, affordable and comprehensive web-based software for managing 21st CCLC and other after-school programs. The EZReports software meets federal (DOE) and state reporting requirements and is currently being used by over 2000 schools and community based organizations in over 20 states. The EZReports software is being used statewide by Michigan State DOE and Indiana State DOE for over 9 years.
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